I struggled for years trying to find someone competent to do eyelash extensions. I had many bad experiences, drove miles to find someone competent enough until I started going to Lana. She is amazingly talented, very professional and dedicated. I love the misencil lashes after trying other brands. I am a very satisfied client and would recommend Lana to anyone looking for beautiful eyelashes!
Diane B., Oakville, Ontario


Having my lashes done was a fun, painless experience. It was quite relaxing especially, with Lana’s gentle touch. I trust her very much so I knew going into it what to expect.
Now, after having them put on I don’t need mascara. I have long, thick, beautiful lashes and they look natural. It doesn’t appear that I’m wearing mascara or fake lashes. I just look like I was very ‘blessed’ in that department.
Angela S., Oakville, Ontario


It’s very addictive! Loved it!
Michalynn L.


I have had Eyelash Extensions done before by a professional who was touted one of the best in the business. Unfortunately, I had a bad experience with her lash installation and had to have them removed. As Lana has been taking care of all my esthetics needs (mani, padi, shellac, waxing, facials) I decided to give the lashes another chance as Lana now offers this service as well. She is very good with her hands and always does an immaculate job with the other services so I figured why not. This was a good decision. She was extremely gentle with the application and I felt relaxed the entire time. She listened to my needs and only applied the length and amount I requested so I still look natural but my lashes are enhanced and pretty. Also worth to mention that Lana uses really high-end products (lashes and glue) which allows for this amazing result. I will be a regular customer for this service!
J. N., Oakville, Ontario


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